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Subsea Remote Operated Vehicles

A remotely operated underwater vehicle, also referred to as SROV, is an underwater vehicle which is usually tethered. The unoccupied vehicle is similar to a robot, which is fitted out with sensors and sampling tools to collect various types of data. A network of cables is utilized to establish a connection between the operator and the remotely operated vehicle, which would enable the proper movement of the SROV.

An underwater SROV is well-equipped with modern technology and consists of a lighting system and a video camera, to record a better subaquatic panorama and contribute to geology education and sea life learning. With the incessant development in the arena of technology, latest technical concepts are being imparted to remotely operated vehicle in order to amplify its original capacities to a greater extent. Extra machinery can comprise of a static camera, a water sampler or even a manipulator..

Moreover, a remotely operated underwater vehicle can also incorporate advanced instruments for an appropriate measurement and evaluation of current temperature, penetration of light and the water clarity.

GEC extends its services with selection and deployment of appropriate SROV for all sorts of marine construction, surveillance and inspection works.

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